Adwords Video Ads Certification – Exam Notes 2018

Ah the Video Ads (AKA Youtube Video Ads) Exam for Adwords Certification. Going through the requirements for this one was very interesting and I was actually quite impressed with the strategy Google has with this product.

Some Factoids About Youtube

  • Over 1 billion users
  • One third of all people using the internet
  • 60% of views are on mobile
  • Bigger viewership than TV in the 18-34 age bracket

Video Formats

Here are the 4 main video formats:

  • TrueView Instream
  • TrueView Video Discovery
  • Bumper Ads
  • Reservation

All video ads must be uploaded to the advertisers Youtube account, and must be public. The advertisiers Youtube account can be connected to Adwords.

TrueView Instream

  • Skippable ads in Youtube videos
  • You pay:
    • After 30 seconds
    • Or, Full view if less than 30 seconds
    • Or, by clicking at any time
  • No minimum or max duration
  • Managed through Adwords

TrueView Discovery

  • Show as video with ad tag in Youtube search results
  • Also on side suggestions, also with ad tag
  • Pay per click to watch for these
  • Managed through Adwords

Bumper Ads

  • Non-skippable
  • 6 seconds or less
  • Managed through Adwords


  • Premuim listing such as must head of Youtube home page
  • Managed through a Google rep
  • Flat fee or fixed cost per day (CPD)

Define Advertising Goals, Measurement and Solution

  1. Define Goal
  2. KPI to Measure
  3. Choose Solution

KPI’s Suggestions

  • Awareness
    • Views
    • Impressions
  • Consideration
    • View Throughs
    • Watch Time
  • Action
    • Clicks
    • Calls
    • Signups
    • App Installs
    • Sales


  • Life Events – Graduation for example
  • In-market – Looking to purchase
  • Affinity – Long term interests
  • Custom Affinity

Google recommends to start with broad targeting and refine from there.

Working With Youtube Creators

This was by far the most interesting and unexpected part of Youtube, Google are actually pushing advertisers to start working directly with creators

Fans > Creators > Advertisers

Some suggestions were:

  • Integrations
  • Shoutouts
  • Custom sponsored videos

Video Specific & Commonly Used Terms

Average View Frequency
Views / Users =Avg Views Freq

View Rate (Like CTR)
Views / Impressions = View Rate

Earned View
This is when the user watches a paid ad, click through to the channel and watches more of the channels videos

Companion Banner
This is the banner that appears to right of an instream video ad, after the ad has finished. The size is 300x60px if uploaded. If no banner is uploaded then the default is a video wall based on the advertisers channel.

Frequency Capping (something more advertisers should use!)
How many times the same user will be shown an ad per day, week or month.

Call to Action Overlay
An message overlaying the video player which is clickable

How far the video is played through to in quaters:
1st quartile = 25%
2nd quartile = 50% etc

Where ads are shown




Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash