Boosting Ad Click Through Rate (CTR) Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion In Adwords

So a potential customer searching for your product (let’s say you sell ‘Digital Cameras’ for this example) will be much more likely to click on your ad the closer it appears to match their search term.

So ideally, the ad copy should include the keyword phrase they have searched for in order to achieve best results. I always try to keep coming back to the below flow between your keywords, ad copy and landing page to keep things highly relevant for searchers and achieve best results.

Keyword > Ad Copy > Landing Page Copy

Adwords has a great feature called Keyword Insertion which can make this an absolute dream to have highly targeted ad copy, without the pain of having to go through and setup 10’s or 100’s of ad groups and ads to cover all of your variations in keywords with separate ads to get this type of highly relevant ad copy.

For example purposes, let’s say we have the following phrase match keywords:

"SLR Camera"
"Canon Digital Camera"
"Nikon Digital Camera"
"Professional SLR Digital Camera"

Simply add the below code into your ad headlines or description and Adwords will automatically replace this code dynamically with your keywords.

{KeyWord:Digital Cameras}

So, in our example case, we would have ads shown under each keyword, showing the actual keyword in the ad headline or description.

One important thing to note, is this will only show YOUR keywords, not whatever phrase the user searches for.

What If Your Keyword Is Too Long?

Yes, some phrase based keywords can be long as fuck (like “Professional SLR Digital Camera”), which is why Google have also allowed you to set a fallback word, which is the second parameter {KeyWord:Digital Cameras} after the semicolon. This will use Digital Cameras in any case where the keyword will not fit in your ad copy.

Setting The Case Of Your Keywords

Google has built in some very smart settings into such a simple function, such as setting the case of your keywords from lower case, first word capitalised and all words capitalised.

Simply adjust the {keyword:Digital Cameras} to change the case like the example below:

{keyword:Digital Cameras} = canon digital cameras
{Keyword:Digital Cameras} = Canon digital cameras
{KeyWord:Digital Cameras} = Canon Digital Cameras

I thought this was a really cool feature, I hope this article is helpful to someone.

And this photo is by Edho Pratama on Unsplash